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Maple at Meranti Chilean Mussels

Who’s fond of eating seafood here? Lately, I had a chance to try an amazing seafood offered at one of my favorite boutique hotels, Meranti Hotel in Quezon City. Chilean Mussels is absolutely delicious. It’s very affordable, too. For only Php 550.00, you can share it with someone while dining at the restaurant.

For me, it was love a first since I started loving Chilean Mussels from the time I look for my choices in the menu. If you’re familiar of my taste, I like seafood that has soda or beer and topped with cheese.

chilean mussels

Now, if you’re a fan of imported seafood, Chilean Mussels is for you. The mussels are directly ordered in Chile. Meaning, I had seafood meal from Chile. Isn’t it amazing?

The Chilean Mussels are cooked in premium beer and served with Crostini. Well, I love Italian food so I’m really delighted with the Crostini serving because it has small slices of grilled or toasted bread and toppings.

Have you been to Maple at Meranti? Let me know your thoughts on this.

Stay gorgeous!


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