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Maple at Meranti Prime Rib Tapa

You cannot blame me if I’ll be coming back to dine in my favorite fine dining place, the Maple at Meranti in Quezon City. Earlier today, I wrote about Chilean Mussels, which is one of their delectable appetizers.

This time around, let me introduce their Prime Rib Tapa. Everything grilled and beautifully processed meat, cooked with the finest ingredients and served with egg is heaven for me.

prime rib tapa

The Prime Rib Tapa of Maple at Meranti is very tasty since its mixture of ingredients is perfect for those who have discriminating taste buds. In terms of affordability, it’s also perfect for all of us. The serving is huge and its only Php 520.00.

Let me know if you have tried one of the bestsellers at Maple at Meranti, the Prime Rib Tapa. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay chic!


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