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Maple at Meranti Restaurant Review

Many people dream to stay in Quezon City for a vacation. It’s the city of the stars, after all. Since the addresses of the two major players in the television industry are situated in Quezon City, dreams of walking in its streets and dining in your favorite Quezon City restaurants remain poignant.

with other bloggers
   with other bloggers

If you’re looking for a secluded yet elegantly-built boutique hotel in Quezon City, Meranti Hotel is the perfect choice. It has a popular dining place called Maple at Meranti, one of the restaurants owned by the Max’s Group Inc., that offers a wide variety of dishes to the hotel’s guests and visitors who want to experience world-class fine dining.

Maple at Meranti restaurant
Maple at Meranti restaurant

I’m one of the lucky bloggers who experienced dining in the hotel’s restaurant. Maple at Meranti is exceptionally gorgeous since it’s situated in the lobby of the hotel wherein you can see the kitchen and smell the aromatic flavors of their dishes. The restaurant is spacious, thanks to the remarkable design of the hotel’s lobby.

with the executives of Meranti Hotel and other bloggers
with the executives of Meranti Hotel and other bloggers

Since I’m a seafood lover, I ordered Chilean Mussels as appetizer. The mussels are ordered directly from Chile, shipped to the Philippines for this delicious dish. Then, I chose the Prime Rib Tapa for the main entree since I also love well-cooked meat. It was served with fried egg so the dish really tastes good.

For my drinks, I preferred Kalamansi Mango over Lemon Cucumber Slush. After dinner, I also ordered chocolate drink. I had one glass of water when I arrived at the hotel so I felt good even eating a lot afterwards. That was 30 minutes before dinner so I had fun during the event.

chilean mussels

Although I have my own choices of dishes, I shared each one with the other bloggers. We’ve tasted the Arugula Salad, Southern Style Fried Chicken and more.

prime rib tapa

If you’re thinking now about the price of each dish, you don’t have to worry about it because Maple at Meranti offers affordable dishes to everyone. Aside from that, the members of the hotel staff will also assist you to make you feel at home.

kalamansi mango maple at meranti

All in all, I had a memorable dining experience at the hotel’s restaurant. Maple at Meranti is one of those hotel-based dining places that will leave lasting memories in your heart.

Are you planning to visit Maple at Meranti? That’s a good plan. Hope to see you there!


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